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Geographical location, population of the county

The Ciechanów county is placed in the northern part of Mazovia. It covers the area of ​​106.300 ha, which is 3.0% of the Mazowieckie voivodeship. It is bordered by five counties: Mława, Przasnysz, Maków, Pułtusk and Płońsk. It consists of city Ciechanów and urban-rural commune Glinojeck and rural communes of: Ciechanów, Gołymin, Grudusk, Ojrzeń, Opinogóra Upper, Regimin and Sońsk.

The area of Ciechanów county is located in a favorable spatial relationship to the national road and rail transport system. Good connections provide:

• Warsaw - Gdańsk E-65 railway line;

• three national roads: National Road 7 (Warsaw-Płońsk-Glinojeck-Mława-Gdańsk), the national road 50 (Ciechanów-Płońsk-Sochaczew-Ostrów Wielkopolski), the national road No. 60 (Kutno-Płock-Ciechanów-Ostrów Wielkopolski);

• provincial roads: 615, 616 and 617.

National and regional routes are complemented by the network of local roads with a total length of 1500 km. Within the area of the county, about 90.7 thousand people live, representing 1.7% of the Mazowieckie voivodeship population. Approx. 46% of the population of the county live in rural areas. The population density is 85 people / km.

In the years 2012-2015 the railway line E65 Warszawa - Gdynia was modernized (together with the infrastructure like railway stations and bus stops) and there were built more than 20 bridges located in the area of ​​the county, also in the chains of county roads.

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