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Economy and industry

Within the county area there are approx. 7 thousand business entities, in terms of ownership, private sector is the largest group - approx. 97%. The dominant economic sectors include manufacturing, trade and services.The size structure of companies micro-enterprises are dominant (95.6%).

The following enterprises represent large enterprises: BAUER S.A , Delitissue sp. Z o.o. , Telekomunikacja Polska S.A., "CEDROB" S.A., Tools Factory "FANAR" S.A., "METAL -TECH" Mechanical Plant and Fire Zinc Works, Sugar Plant Glinojeck S.A., NORCO POLAND sp. z o.o. in Sońsk and Ciechanów. In the area of Regimin commune in Lekowo a gas compressor station was built, which is one of the four stations on the route of the Jamal Pipeline located in Poland.

The Ciechanów county rebuilt and modernized nearly 160 km of district roads in 2007-2015. The total value of these investments is approx. 80 million PLN. Most of the investments were made using the funds obtained through external financial support, mainly from the European Union, the Ministry of Infrastructure, under the "National Programme for reconstruction of local roads 2008- 2011" and the Agricultural Land Protection Fund.

The County government is implementing investment policy with great commitment, as it is set out in the "Strategy for the Development of the Ciechanów county". Its tangible results relate primarily to the modernization of road infrastructure, social and educational infrastructure and investments in the human capital.

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