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Natural environment and agriculture

The Ciechanów county, according to the division of Poland into climate districts belongs to the so-called Land of the Great Valleys - the central district with a relatively favorable natural conditions. It has many cultural, natural, and sightseeing values. Clean air, rich historical past - these are just some of the elements that deserve tourists’ attention.

The registered forest area of the Ciechanów county is 17 922 ha, including 8 231 ha of forests that are not owned by Federal Reserve (these are forests of individuals, land communities, cooperatives, churches, commercial companies, municipalities, etc.).

The forest coverage rate in the Ciechanów county is 16.9%. Protected areas like Krośnicko - Kosmowski Protected Landscape Area and Nadwkrzański Protected Landscape Area, are a precious wealth of the Ciechanów land. These areas constitute approx. 37% of the county (39.7 thous. ha). The compact complex of these areas lies between the valley and the valley of the river Wkra Łydynia in its lower and upper course. The Valley of Wkra rives is an ecological corridor of national importance.

In the wooded western area of the Regimin commune there are 2 nature reserves:

Modła - of the area of 9.36 ha - established to preserve and protect parts of the old growth of oak-pine trees forest and breeding place of black stork;

Lekowo - of the area of 5.31 ha - is also the name of the wilderness of the forest, where the reserve is located.

Surface water (flowing and standing) occupy an area of ​​1,970 hectares. The area of Ciechanów county lies almost entirely in the Wkra river basin.

The spatial distribution of leading directions of agricultural production resulting from natural conditions, agricultural investment, in terms of farm and labor resources provide opportunities for:

· the development of feed and consumption grain production;

· the cultivation of industrial plants, especially in the municipalities of Opinogóra Górna,

Gołymin-Ośrodek, Grudusk;

· cattle and swine farming.

Within the county there are kindergartens, primary schools, gymnasium schools, secondary and post-secondary schools and the Special Education Centre. In Ciechanow, there are 3 secondary schools and 4 Upper-Secondary School Complexes, led by the Ciechanów County.

Also, located at the Ciechanów county are: secondary school - the A. Świętochowki Agricultural Training Centre A. Świętochowski in Gołotczyzna, S. Reymont Secondary School in Glinojeck and Youth Centre of Sociotherapy and Special Educational Centre for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Youth in Gołotczyzna. The youth can get training in the following professions:

- In the Gen J. Bem Secondary School No. 1: technician electrician / energetics technician, information technology technician, technician of digital graphic processes;

- In the A. Mickiewicz Secondary School No. 2: economics technician, nutrition and food service technician, hotel technician / logistic technician;

- In the S.Staszic Secondary School No. 3: automotive technician, mechatronics technician / mechanic;

- In the S. Płoski School of Technology (ZST): construction technician / marketing organization technician.

The ZS 3 and ZST have multi vocational classes. Expenses on education account for an average of approx. 44% of current expenditure of the county.

Since 2008, the County Office, regularly organizes the Subregional Education and Labour Trade, which aims to support young people in planning education and career development and to provide employment opportunities in the subregion of Ciechanów.

Among the universities in Ciechanów, the most popular of the State Higher Vocational School. Young people study the following subjects there: economics, electronics and telecommunications, education, computer science, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, nursing, agriculture and internal security. Moreover, its programme includes an offer of postgraduate studies.

There is also a Warsaw Higher School of Management - Faculty of Management, and the Higher School of Business and Management.

The Ciechanón county has established associations, foundations, volunteer fire departments and sports clubs.

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